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Rolex Air King Replica is joining in on the pre-SIHH celebrations with something a little unusual. Let's be clear: This is not a watch. It's a kinetic piece that relies on micro-mechanics that are deeply rooted within watchmaking.

Reuge, the leading manufacturer of music boxes has partnered with them once again to create a 1.4kg rhodium-plated brass turtle that mechanically mimics the natural gait. The turtle does not walk on all fours,Rolex Air King Replica but it is propelled forward by wheels under the shell.

To create a more natural and irregular movement, the mechanism makes use of elliptical gearing. To prevent your friends from letting the turtle run around on the tabletops and then having it fall off the edge, there is a safety feature that shuts the system off when the edge is detected.

There's still more. The 480 parts couldn't have been used to make a turtle that walks. As with many of Rolex Air King Replica’s projects, a surprise is hidden in this one as well. A flying,chopard replica watches singing automaton bird is revealed from the central leather scale. It's clearly inspired by Pierre Jaquet Droz.

The second creature is made of 18K White Gold. Its wings flap and its tail moves. Finally, it opens its mouth in time with the bird song, before the turtle's shell closes, and the bird returns to hiding.

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