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The Senator Cosmopolite made a stylish, effective and welcome addition to our trip. It was easy to read on the plane and behind the wheel of the Porsche, and it fit in no matter if I was visiting Nesmuk Knives, eating Wienerschnitzel in the Leica cafeteria or shooting video in theGermancountryside.

I was particularly impressed with the IATA time zone display. I like the IATA codes. My favorite is LOL, which is Derby Field Airport in Nevada that serves Lovelock City. Displaying them on the watch was a great touch.

The Senator Cosmopolite has a classic design that goes well with jeans,Replica Watches a button down shirt and suits. It was a pleasure to read and I checked the time often to be able to see it.

Senator Cosmopolite

Driving the Porsche

It was my first experience driving a Porsche 911, and it was an absolute treat. I never felt out of control, and the speed was amazing.

Even just by starting the engine, I was enchanted with the amazing sound.

The Porsche was admired by Germans wherever I went.Breitling Bentley Replica Passers-by would often give me a thumbs up as they admired the car.

I drove this Porsche more than 500 km, but I could have done even more. The Senator Cosmopolite was a great watch to wear while driving. It is so legible, I could tell the time by just glancing at it.

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